Tomb Update

We have been busy all week, digging for about 9 hours each day.  We
are making good progress, and we are hoping that we will be able
to finish by the end of next week.  Of course, this depends on how
many burials are in the tomb.  Laura is supervising work in the
dromos, and she has already found some pottery sherds. She has
excavated at least 2 meters in 4 days.  Jessica and Katie are
supervising the students and the workmen in the chamber.  They are
removing soil from the collapsed chamber, and have taken out about a
meter and a half so far.  We are beginning to water sieve, so that we will find any tiny seeds, bones, or parts of ancient plants.

Our spirits and energy are generally high, and I will keep updating the blog as often as possible about our finds!

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